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December 6, 2004: Fair Trade

  • Colleen Crosby, owner, and other representatives of Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company, significant players in the international Fair Trade coffee and tea arenas, including leadership promoting sustainable agriculture and economic justice on the supply side.
  • Dana Geffner, owner of Panchamama, A World of Artisans. Dana started Pachamama in 2002 after traveling extensively through Central America and volunteering in Nicaragua. Upon her return to the United States she vowed to work towards economic justice in developing nations and started by gathering friends at their homes to talk about issues that face people today while selling beautiful handicrafts from cooperatives. Today, Pachamama works with over 15 producer groups in several countries worldwide. Pachamama is a Fair Trade organization dedicated to working towards economic justice through educating consumers about the importance of purchasing Fair Trade products. From their website, "We are ... building producer relationships worldwide to bring the public Fair Trade products to support people [who would otherwise be] living under the poverty line."

Global Exchange, proponents of Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and retail stores. From their website: "You can make a difference in the lives of 125 million people who grow and process coffee around the globe, as you engage a more sustainable relationship through your enjoyment of this Certified Fair Trade Organic coffee -- a coffee that is not only of the highest quality, but one that support social, economic and environmental well-being."

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