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Directory of Events (2004-2006)

Future CSN events will be scheduled and announced beginning in October 2006

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July 10, 2006: It's Not Too Late (nor too soon) for Solar Power (agenda, speaker bios and links), with updates on the latest in photovolatic technologies, incentives for commercial and residential solar in California, and an overview of hot solar tends worldwide. This session was videotaped.

Feb 13, 2006: Biofuels and Bio-Based Materials (agenda, speaker bios and links), progress made since our 2005 session on the same topic, but with deeper focus on market acceptance and demand for both ethanol and biodiesel.

Nov 14, 2005: Cradle to Cradle Design In Practice: EcoEffective Products and Business Strategy as if the Earth Matters (agenda, speaker bios and links)

Sept 12, 2005: Investing Your Values towards a Sustainable Economy (agenda, speaker bios and links)

April 11, 2005: Wise Water: Issues, Ag, Sustainable Technologies and Solutions (agenda, issues, PowerPoint presentations, speaker bios and links) <--VIEW ONLINE PRESENTATIONS

February 7, 2005: Biodiesel and the Carbohydrate Economy (agenda, speaker bios, "carbohydrate economy" defined and links)

December 6, 2004: Fair Trade / Certification (agenda, speaker bios and links)

We heard from one of the brightest leaders in the Fair Trade movement, Colleen Crosy, founder and first "roastmistress" of Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company. David Funhauser, a representative of TransFair USA, also spoke and shared a new DVD about TransFair, the only US certifier of Fair Trade products. We learned and shared stories about the state of the Fair Trade industry, what's working, and what work remains.

August 9, 2004: Sustainability Reporting (agenda)

We learned and shared a variety of facts and views on one of the more powerful trends in social and environmental responsibility, sustainability reporting.
Speakers were Gail Brownell, Quality and Sustainability Manager for Agilent, Clifford Bast (formerly Global Manager of HP's environmental leadership program), Gam Dias, of Hyperion Software (dashboards and scorecards for managing the triple bottom line), and Sharon Sarris, C3SN board member and former executive with General Motors. Meeting details and agenda.

June 14, 2004: Media and Marketing (agenda)

April 5, 2004: Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming (agenda)

February 2004: Green Building and Sustainable Design (agenda)

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