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To register to be on the C3SN Elist, simply send a confidential email and provide your name, any organizational or professional affiliation (whatever you want listed on the Event Rosters), your title or role, and your Email address.

If you wish to have your email address or other contact information kept private (so that other members cannot see it), please mention this in your message. At minimum, we will add your email address to our reminders list.

You become a member when you attend an event. That's it.

That's how we self-organize and act as a "mature ecosystem" ... simple and elegant, the way nature does it.

Of course, we promise to keep your info private and only share it with other members (unless you indicate otherwise), and we will never ever sell our list, let unrelated organizations use it, or make solicitations of any kind. This is about community and effective collaboration; we couldn't grow and thrive if we did anything as foolish as that. We've been growing since Feb of 2002, and plan to be around for a long time.



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