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About Special Interest Networks (SINs)


What's a SIN?

The C3SN members decided to form six Special Interest Networks, or SINs, to assist with self-organzing around the following themes, each one seens as key to commercial sustainability.

Sustainable Agriculture
Urban Planning
Sustainability Education
Renewable Energy
Green Building





Each SIN is an affinity group "online community," facilitated by an electronic mailing list (Elists) and online discussion forum for learning about topics of mutual interest, sharing information, resources and ideas, and coordinating action.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who has attended a prior C3SN event (members) may join any SIN (so we can all "live in sin?"). Before you join, however, we ask that you review and agree up uphold these guidelines.

How to Join

Fill out the SIN application form and your email address will be added to the list of members, and you will receive an Email confirmation that enables you to email to the entire list.

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